Welcome my lovely!

Finally, the exclusive group of ambitious women in travel that you've been searching for.

The Elite Group 2021 is Now Filled. Interested in joining the waitlist?

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Hi my lovely!

Finally, the exclusive group of ambitious women that you've been looking for!

"Starting and growing a business is seriously hard. I wish I had a group that understood my struggles and mentors to help guide me"

You're probably wondering if I am quoting you aren't you?

I'm not but, I'm also not surprised that you can completely relate to that.  I know I feel the same, even years into building my dual business.

Starting and growing an online business is honestly one of the hardest thing that you can do and if you don't have the right support and people around you, it can be that much harder.

Even if you do have a partner, a best friend, a parent, or others who do support you, it's still really hard when they don't actually understand what your vision, goals, struggles, frustrations, needs, and accomplishments are.

That is me a million percent.

After hosting the very first Women Thrive Through Travel Masterfind Virtual Event during the pandemic, I had hundreds of women from all around the world join in and watch the replay who loved the variety of topics discussed, connections that they made, inspiration that they gained, and the understanding that they felt.

I created the Elite Female Travel Entrepreneurs Insider's Circle to bring some of my personal mentors and leaders in travel, wellness, and business to you.

Mentorship has been one of the leading causes for my fast growth in business, as is media exposure. So, I created something to combine a bit of all of those key ingredients to starting and growing a business.

It's an exclusive place for a small group of advanced-level women who are travel-focused coaches, wellness professionals, and business leaders.

I put everything that helped me most in my business into this 4-month group program for you.

If you want to finally feel at home in your place of business, this is where you need to be.

Who are the amazing guest mentors & experts?

Sabriya Dobbins

 Founder of Project Passport and Life Discovery Expert

As a Master Life Coach and Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Candidate, Sabriya adopted a unique style of serving clients based in experimentation and interactive wellness. She launched Project Passport, a mental empowerment retreat and event company, with the dream of providing transformational experiences that focus more on supporting the participants and their mental well-being rather than escaping their problems.

Sabriya will be sharing how she pivoted and expanded her wellness retreat company in 2020 and how you can create wellness retreats of your own.

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Katharine Ferrell

President of Dots & Lines, Inc.

Katharine helps organizations craft and implement powerful marketing and communication strategies.  She has a passion for building brands, increasing sales, growing market share, and enhancing the client experience.  Katharine was named as the 2021 Top 50 Women in Travel by GBTA WinIt. 

Katharine will be teaching you strategic marketing ideas for your own business.

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Katy Spratte Joyce

Journalist & Content Creator

Katy is a freelance journalist who writes about food, travel, wine, business, innovation, and startups.  Her work can be seen in Travel + Leisure, Departures, Eater, The New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, Reader's Digest, Fodor's Travel, Lonely Planet, ROVA Magazine, Apartment Therapy, Greatist, Popular Science, Wine4Food, Crunchbase News, Eating Well, Travel Awaits, Chilled Magazine, The Spruce Eats, Thrillist, Vinyl Me Please Magazine, Matador Network, Omaha Magazine, and additional print and digital publications.

Katy will be talking about the power of media and publicity for you business and will be giving you feedback on your pitch ideas and how to land your dream media wins.

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Linda Konde

Journalist, Editor, & Content Creator

Linda is a London-based journalist, editor, photographer and content creator. She has written for publications around the world including Ideal Magazine, The Corsair, Paow Magazine, Culture Trip and Boundless Magazine.

Linda will teach you how to craft the perfect story ideas. You will have the opportunity to get direct feedback on your story pitches from Linda.

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Julie George

Author & Speaker at Million Dollar Host

Recognized as a leading expert in Airbnb, Julie has written a book called Million Dollar Host which has become a Bestseller around the world. This is due to her incredible success of building a property portfolio in less than 2.5 years that bought in over $5.5 million dollars in booking income in Airbnb.
Julie now travels the world speaking, mentoring and consulting on ‘Airbnb’.  She is also a guest investor and advisor on the show "The Big Give Away!" 

You will have the one-on-one opportunity to share your business idea with Julie and get her expert feedback to help get you in the right direction.

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Marcey Rader

Productivity Performance Coach & Founder of Rader Co.

Marcey is a three-time author, sought-after productivity coach, accredited health and wellness expert, and renowned keynote speaker.  As the founder of Rader Co., she helps individuals and businesses kick their lifestyles back into balanced gear – without sacrificing health.

Marcey will be sharing some of her highly-awarded wellness techniques with you that helps you build a solid foundation as an entrepreneur.

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Laura Hennings

2.0 Mindset & Business Coach, Marketing Queen & Wild Adventurer

Laura is a 2.0 Mindset & Business Mentor, NLP Practitioner, Empowerment Expert, and the ultimate hype girl.  Freedom is her calling & coaching is her superpower. From party girl to CEO, from backpacker nomad to world-class wanderluster, it is her mission to fan the flames of soul-aligned, high-vibe, adventurous female entrepreneurs...and help them make bank!

Connect with Laura on Instagram here

Julie Keller Callaghan

Co-Founder of WellDefined

Along with her work at Well Defined, Julie currently serves the wellness and hospitality industry as an executive recruiter and marketing specialist for Hutchinson Consulting. She is also a consultant and content strategist for numerous wellness brands.

She is the former editor-in-chief and publisher of American Spa and was named a 2019 Folio Top Woman in Media in the Industry Trailblazers category. She is also a seasoned freelance writer, specializing in spa, travel, health, fitness, wellness, and beauty, and has been published in Departures, ForbesTraveler, Insider’s Guide to Spas, Luxury Travel Advisor, Marin Magazine, Ocean Home, Smart Meetings, Spa Asia, and Travel Agent.

Connect with Julie on Linkedin here

Why you need to be in one of my limited spots



Meet and connect with incredible women who share your love of travel and passion to be a boss babe. 

You will also get paired with an Accountability Partner to help keep you on track


Let's face it. Being an entrepreneur is overwhelming. There is so much noise out there on what to do, use, buy, pay for, try, and more. It's time that you finally get focused on what is actually important.

Mind Power

Tired of getting yourself in a mental funk when you see what others are doing and then you compare yourself? Me too. Let's get your mindset right so you can be the CEO that your ideal clients are in need of.


I am so excited for the activities that I have planned for this group! Get your craft box out because vision boards here we come!


Zoom Group Chats

Get ready to mark your calendar! The calendar will be released soon. There will be 2-3 calls (1-2 hours each depending on what is scheduled for that session) a month (June-Sept). 1 hours will be with a guest mentor and 1 hour will be focused on group feedback and discussion.


Women can have a toolbox too! But ours are better! Each month, you will get assignments that are designed for you to think deeper, get constructive feedback, and work one-on-one with Sahara Rose.

Guest Mentors & Experts

From mindset and wellness to business strategy and leadership, I have invited guest experts and some of my very own mentors to inspire, empower, and help you on your journey of entrepreneurship.

Personal One-on-One

Sahara Rose will be personally looking at your business or ideas and providing feedback, consulting, and guidance to help you get on your fast track to clarity and reaching your business goals. You will also have the opportunity to get direct feedback from our guest mentors and experts.

Media & Publicity

Dream of landing incredible media wins and building your own "as seen in" media banner? Get strategies and guidance from guest media experts and get direct help crafting your pitches and media bio.


TCN Founding Member, Travel Coach, & Founder of Your MEscape

"It has been such a support to have Sahara there to make me think about my own story and how my unique voice can pave the way toward my future as a travel coach. To be honest, I didn’t think my backstory was worthy. But then something clicked when I tuned in to one of her Facebook Live sessions. From that moment everything started to fall into place with my concept. Sahara walks her talk and goes that extra mile. Her constant words of encouragement to show up and get out there even when things are not perfect are what puts her into a special class of mentors. What I value most lately, though, is the travel coach community – a group of like-minded travel souls who share a passion for taking our careers to the next level. I’ve finally found my tribe thanks to Sahara."

Why you need this be in this insiders circle


Don't be just another number in a crowd of members. Be recognized, stand out, and get the attention and focus that you deserve

Build actual meaningful relationships with empowering women

Get the honest and constructive feedback that gets your business on the right track

No more conforming your business support and help to other fields or coaches because you just haven't found someone who truly gets what you're trying to do

Be a part of an exclusive group of travel-loving genius boss babes all growing businesses that are going to change the lives of others

Have people who genuinely cheer you on and help you celebrate your wins!


2020 Elite Group Member

"I’ve met a lot of amazing friends and their support has been a huge help!"


2020 Elite Group Member

"I've been able to hone in on my framework, my story, and how I can make a difference. I now feel ready to take the next step and announce my concept to the world"


2020 Elite Group Member

"I learned that community is everything and having others to turn to when you need help and advice is a priceless tool that we should use more often!"

Don't wait to claim your spot!

This is an invite-only opportunity but I am opening just 5 spots for anyone to apply!

There are limited spots available since I want to keep this group focused and intimate

These 4-months spent in this group will no doubt change the trajectory of your business and your mindset

What else is included?

40% off of the ticket price of the Elite Female Travel Entrepreneurs in-person Masterfind event (details coming soon when travel is safe again) ( >$300 Value)

1-year access to the Travel Coach Network First Class Membership Club (which includes the entire Travel Entrepreneur Fast Track course) ($197 Value)

Get the accountability that holds you reliable and hitting your set goals (priceless!)

Are you...


In the phase of up with a solid idea for your product offering and a cohesive content strategy to go along with it?
Wanting more clarification around your niche/framework and how your offerings can provide value?
In need of clarity, a vision, or confidence?
Still figuring out exactly what direction to go in with your travel and/or wellness business?
Feeling confused with what I’m doing after the hospitality industry has been impacted by the pandemic?
Ready to show up and put the work?
Ready to be open and honest with what you need help with?
Then this group program is for you!

Why me?


Hi, I’m Sahara Rose!


Over a decade ago, I graduated from university with a degree in hospitality and tourism management and I quickly found myself at a crossroad in life. Should I do what I’m “suppose” to do and work any job that would hire me or should I follow what my heart says to do?

You guessed it. I listened to why my heart wanted. I packed a bag and set off to explore this beautiful world.

After spending more than 10 years traveling to 84+ countries as a solo female backpacker, I decided to take my career path into my own hands and started my own business as a travel coach.

Soon after, I founded The Travel Coach Network because so many passionate travelers were reaching out asking me how I became a travel coach and I loved helping them sculpt their own dream business.

I am a travel and business coach, a certified transformational coach, and a published author.

I am the creator of the Women Thrive Through Travel Masterfind Virtual Events which brings hundreds of women from around the globe in one place to connect, collab, learn, heal, and grow.

I aim to educate, empower, inspire, and help ambitious women travelers bring to life their own meaningful travel-focused businesses that align their travel expertise with the impact that they make on the lives of others. 

I been seen in various media outlets including Thrive Global, Forbes, Skift, Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Business Insider, and U.S News & World Report for her expertise.

In 2019, I was a 3-time nominee by career-changing women in the travel industry for rising female leader, best female coach, and best innovative trailblazer.

It is my mission to help you have the travel-centric business that you have in your head but need help bringing to life.

Ready for me to take  you under my wings and to fly?



2020 Elite Group Member

"I've been able to hone in on my framework, my story, and how I can make a difference. I now feel ready to take the next step and announce my concept to the world."


2020 Elite Group Member

"The power of connection and community. The drive and support of our group has been so inspiring and helps keep me on track."


2020 Elite Group Member

"My new website is up and running, i am working on my affiliates and learned not to be so hard on myself!"


Certified Travel and Work Abroad Coach

"The community aspect was definitely a very valuable piece for many of us"

Mandeep Kaur

TCN Founding Member & Personal Freedom Coach

"Sahara has helped me clarify my vision for that I wanted for my Travel coaching business, and keep me going when my motivation was flagging, with specific direction and guidance. I am thrilled to be part of her beautiful soul tribe and inspiring community, which she bought together at her Thrive through Travel event. It is a testament to the people that Sahara attracts. She has created a gorgeous energy, and a space where you can be vulnerable authentic. Since I started working with her, Sahara has consistently levelled up which has compelled me to level up. Thank you for being an amazing mentor Sahara!"