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WTTT 2023 is our 3rd annual FREE Virtual event where we bring together over 350+ travelers and travel business owners around the world to be inspired by our incredible line up of 12+ worldly speakers who inspire, empower, and educate women to think bigger, create their dream lifestyle, build their most authentic and creative travel-related business, transform through travel, and more.

Our speakers range in topics including travel coaching, finding your niche, wellness, transformative travel, journalism, mindset, cultural immersion, group tours, retreats, social media strategy, podcasting, healing through travel, hospitality, media and publicity, journalism, business, sustainability, and responsible tourism.

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Are you ready to be inspired to transform your business and life? 

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Meet the Host!

Sahara Rose De Vore

Wellness Travel Coach & CEO & Founder of The Travel Coach Network


Sahara Rose founded The Travel Coach Network, a global community of travel coaches, in 2019 just a year after starting her own wellness travel coaching business.  She went from broke college student to traveling to 84 countries solo to becoming the CEO of her travel businesses. She believes that there is more to a travel career than just blogging and booking trips which led her to creating the world's first and only ICF accredited certification program for travel coaches. Sahara is a published author, global speaker, TEDx speaker, and has been in over 140+ media outlets for her travel and business expertise including Forbes, Travel Weekly, Conde Nast Traveler, and USA Today.


Sahara organized the first ever Women Thrive Through Travel MasterFind Virtual Event in 2021,a rough time in the tourism industry, to bring more positivity into how we were talking and thinking about the future of travel. WTTT brings together inspiring women in tourism, hospitality, wellness, journalism, media, social media, business, and more while striving to inspire and empower women around the world to thrive through travel in business, wellness, and lifestyle.

Connect with Sahara @thetravelcoachnetwork

Meet our 2023 Speakers!

Sukeerti Raikwar

Founder of Soulful Safaris


Speaking at 11:15am EST


Sukeerti has travel and tourism in her veins for over 20 years. An explorer, product developer, and travel designer, she finds a meaningful connection while working with grass-root organisations and clusters. She co-creates purposeful journeys at the intersection of sustainable, transformational, and cultural experiences.


Topic: How travel helped you break free of cultural expectations and how it's never too late in life to find your career path

Travel is a privilege, let’s use it for empowering our lives and the lives of people around us. I overcame my fears through travel, and found meaning in life after meeting some amazing people, Travelling through the length and breadth of the country, I found my soul and finally founded Soulful Safaris.


Connect with Sukeerti @soulful_safaris

Camila Castro


Mindful Travel Coach + Founder, Be Journeyful


 Speaking at 11:30am EST


Camila is a seeker, global citizen, mindful traveler, storyteller and certified Travel Coach. As a Mindful Travel Coach, she guides multi-passionate seekers in harnessing the power of Mindful Travel to create more purposeful, meaningful and impactful experiences in their travels and their lives. She is also the founder of Be Journeyful, a blog that inspires and empowers travelers to embark upon inner and outer journeys with an open mind and an open heart for deeper intention, connection and transformation. She has been featured in Life Lovers Magazine, as a guest blogger on The Travel Coach Network, on the Travel Coach Network Podcast, and on Bri Seeley’s The Success Diaries podcast. 


Topic: Harnessing the Power of Mindful Travel

What, exactly, is Mindful Travel and how can we use it to more fully engage with our travel experiences so that they can enhance our lives? In this session, we will discuss the 3 pillars of Mindful Travel and explore how to incorporate them into your travels for greater awareness, acceptance and appreciation. Learn a few simple tips to lean into Mindful Travel to befriend your travel experiences without judgement and get the most out of them. The session will be interspersed with mindful moments to help us tune into and ground in the present.


Connect with Camila @bejourneyful


Brittany Roberts

Podcast Strategist


Speaking at 11:45am EST


Brittany is a podcast strategist specializing in audio content for travel creators. She's launched several podcasts in the travel space ranking in the top 20%, 10%, and 5% of their respective categories, and she wants to help 10,000 travel creators do the same. She believes in the power of podcasting to amplify your voice, create connections with clients, and generate leads on autopilot.

Topic:  Using Passive Podcasting to Grow your Business

How travel creators can use the power of podcasting to quickly position themselves as experts in the travel space. I'll also speak to my unique method of "passive podcasting," which is a lot more doable for travel professionals who still have other commitments.


Connect with Brittany @brittanygoesabroad

Christine Winebrenner Irick

Founder of Lotus Sojourns and Host of Soul of Travel Podcast


Speaking at 12pm EST


Christine Winebrenner Irick is the founder of Lotus Sojourns and host of Soul of Travel podcast.  Lotus Sojourns is a mindful adventure travel company with global journeys designed in collaboration with or in support of local social impact projects or gender equity initiatives. She also has a unique offering for destinations to partner to create an Amplified Sojourn, a 3-month immersive experience deepening a traveler's understanding of the country before traveling.  Her company supports the SDGs related to gender equality, quality education, climate action, and good health and well-being.


Christine's podcast celebrates women working to make a positive impact in tourism and was recognized in 2022 by Wanderful, receiving the Bessie Award for a brand that has gone above and beyond to support, empower, and represent women in the past year.  She has worked with tourism organizations to help tell the stories of their brands or events by curating on-camera interviews during the event or hosting interviews with speakers that are used to promote the organization's events.  


Her over twenty-year career has strengthened her dedication to creating a positive impact as travelers and her belief that tourism allows us to better understand ourselves, the world, and the interconnectedness of the planet and all its life forms.  She wants women everywhere to know themselves to be equal and valuable members of our global community.


Topic: Following your Path - Lessons Learned from over 100 interviews with Women Change-Makers


What exactly is your path and how do you know if you are on it?  Sometimes the clearest answers can be found not by looking forward but by looking backward.  Christine will share lessons she's learned from her Soul of Travel guests, including Sahara Rose, over the past three years.


Connect with Christine @lotussojourns @souloftravelpodcast

Arlette Diederiks

Travel Advisor & Founder of The Blue Surfer


Speaking at 12:15pm EST


Born and raised in the Netherlands, where she studied Human Geography and Financial Management, Arlette Diederiks has traveled the world and has lived in several places, such as Spain, Italy and Curaçao. Her love for nature has always been present, but her love for the oceans started when she became a certified diver at the age of 16 in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles.  Combining her two passions, travel and sustainability, Arlette is now a Travel Advisor at Fora Travel and an advocate for sustainability in hospitality through her own website, The Blue Surfer. She believes the future of travel lies in sustainability for all stakeholders, from local communities to hotels, and from governments to tour operators.  She lives with her three children in Cascais, Portugal, where she enjoys surfing, yoga and participating in dive cleanups.


Topic: Ocean Wellness and Sustainability

Since many destinations that rely on tourism are coastal communities, it is of great importance that these have a sustainability plan in place to ensure that now and in the future, they are able to attract visitors and that the environment doesn’t suffer because of tourism. After all, coastal and marine tourism is highly dependent on the quality of coastal and marine ecosystems to attract visitors. Marine tourism creates valuable income for local communities, but it can also pose a threat to underwater flora and fauna. There are many ocean-related activities that can help marine environments, such as planting of coral reefs and diving, and snorkeling that show travelers the beauty of the ocean. Another example is Project Hiu, a project in Indonesia that aims to convert shark fishermen to snorkeling guides.


Connect with Arlette

Sonia Cruz Oro

Transformational Travel Coach & Owner of Travel Awakens


Speaking at 12:45pm EST


With degrees in both psychology and leadership, and 20 years of international coaching experience, Sonia founded Travel Awakens to help people restore their sense of wonder and appreciation for the places they visit while discovering a new, more authentic version of themselves.

Sonia believes that travel can be a transformational experience that can serve as a catalyst for self-discovery and personal growth. One of the unique methodologies Sonia uses to help her clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves, their purpose, and their path in life.


Topic: Astrocartography & Travel

Astrocartography is a methodology that combines astrology and geography to provide insights into how planetary energies can impact a person and their experiences in different locations around the world. 

By utilising this tool, Sonia has been helping her clients explore destinations that may be particularly beneficial or challenging for them while also discovering new aspects of themselves in the process.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the leading experts in Transformational Travel and Astrocartography. Join us at WTT 2013 and discover how you can use Astrocartography to transform your life through travel. 


Connect with Sonia @soniacruzoro

Agnes Simigh

Tour Organizer & Travel Blogger of Voice of Guides


Speaking at 1pm EST


 Agnes is a Hungarian travel blogger and international tour guide. She often travels solo to underrated countries, especially in the Middle East and India. These are the places where she met the kindest people and encountered unparalleled hospitality. Agnes also learned that a country could be so much different if we go and see ourselves from what we imagine based on what the media tells us.

With her travel blog, she inspires others to visit lesser-known places and give practical tips for solo travelers. With over 15 years of experience in tourism, Agnes will launch her own group tours to the Middle East and India with a focus on unique cultural experiences, grasping locals' daily life and everything that helps not only to visit but also to understand the place. 


Topic: Transformative Travel Through Immersive Cultural Group Tours

Participating in immersive local tours is one of the best ways to get a deeper understanding of the destination and a way to have a transformative travel experience. Ultimately, it is often not the monuments but rather the people we meet that become the most memorable part of the trip. By choosing the right local guided tour, you can get first-hand information from somebody who grew up and lived there, whose personal stories tell more about the country than any books.

 Connect with Agnes @voiceofguides

Cierra Chesir

Franchise Owner at Dream Vacations/CEO of Thee Traveling Attorney, LLC


Speaking at 1:15pm EST


Cierra is a Milwaukee native who has always had a passion for traveling after being afforded the opportunity to study abroad in high school in Cuernavaca, Mexico, which ultimately changed her life forever. Before dedicating herself to traveling full time, she was a practicing attorney for seven years. Cierra is currently the owner of Dream Vacations, a Travel Agency Franchise where she creates travel itineraries for clients that contain accommodations, transportation, insurance, tours, activities, and other various travel activities. She also owns Thee Traveling Attorney LLC, where she provides one-on-one coaching sessions for travel agents, interested travel agents, and those who want to learn more about creating content. She also creates travel content for hotels, destinations, and different businesses and brands.

Topic: How to Show Up on Social Media in an Authentic Way and Get Creative in your Content

Connect with Cierra @TheeTravelingAttorney 

Laura Hennings

Business & Sales Expert, Public Speaking Coach, Founder of Own Your Wild Collective 


Speaking at 1:30pm EST


Known by a worldwide audience for her charismatic “hype girl” presence, Laura is an industry-leading Sales Consultant, Public Speaking Coach, & TEDx Speaker. 

After living paycheck-to-paycheck as a broke server to growing a multiple 6-figure coaching business, she helps female leaders activate their authenticity and MONETIZE their VOICE, VISION, & VALUE. Her expertise in high-ticket sales & online marketing has served as a catalyst for helping her clients earn 6-figure incomes, while living the freedom-based lifestyle they desire.

When Laura isn’t on the stage, you can find her traveling the world (48 countries & counting!), dancing at music festivals, and dominating the karaoke stage. See you at the event!


Topic: Blow up your Biz: Make More Money Through Content & Speaking Gigs


Connect with Laura @itslaurahennings


Andrea L. Leschak

Patient Advocate, Certified Travel Coach, Pharmacist, and Founder of Wayfinder Advantage


Speaking at 2pm EST


Dr. Andrea Leschak, a pharmacist turned Patient Advocate, and a Travel Health Coach is the Founder & CEO of Wayfinder Advantage. Frustrated by people feeling "sidelined" in life because of illness, she empowers clients with the tools & strategies needed to build confidence & self-reliance so they can embrace opportunities with peace of mind. Dr. Andrea is available for 1-1 coaching, group sessions, and workshops and shares her message of hope and advocacy as a keynote speaker, podcast guest, and writer.


Topic: Multigenerational Travel & Making Memories


What comes to mind when you reflect on the lives of loved ones who have passed? Is it sadness or a warm memory of strolling along the beach?  I'm no stranger to challenging conversations toward the end of life. I've witnessed how daunting living with illness, especially dementia, can be. I've talked with people who scale back on travel feeling the need to remain "safe." Unfortunately, not traveling may mean prematurely missing out on life-affirming events and time with family.  It is often possible to continue traveling while managing illness. Join me as I discuss mindset shifts to help you feel confident traveling so you and your loved ones can make memories that will live a lifetime.

Connect with Andrea @drandrealleschak

Tina Viscelli

Travel Sabbatical Coach


Speaking at 2:15pm EST


Tina is the founder of the Travel Sabbatical Playbook, where she coaches burned-out corporate professionals to plan and finance an extended travel career break, without sabotaging their careers or their life savings, so that they can recharge, enjoy freedom, and plan the next phase of their lives and careers. Her secret recipe is (1) mentoring sabbatical takers on long-term travel without breaking the bank and (2) setting them up for career success when they return.


Topic: The benefits of taking mid-career sabbaticals to travel long-term, and why it's more possible than many people think


The personal and professional benefits of taking a sabbatical to travel the world along with the positive impacts of sabbaticals for both the individuals who take them, and the organizations they work for as a whole


Connect with Tina @tinaviscelli

Angie Drake



Speaking at 2:30pm EST


Raised as a global nomad, Angie has lived in over 20 towns or cities on 4 different continents since she was a little girl. She is adept at bridging cultural differences, helping her clients find better ways to communicate and attract an audience aligned with their values.


Topic: How Storytelling is Integral to Attracting Socially Responsible Clients.


 As a consultant and coach in sustainable and regenerative tourism models, Angie will demonstrate how storytelling is integral to attracting socially responsible clients.


Connect with Angie @not_your_average_american

Sue Cockell

Transformative Travel Coach & Travel Blogger/Vlogger at Sue Where Why What


Speaking at 3pm EST


After the tragic loss of her husband back in 2014, Sue has used her passion for travel to breathe, grieve, heal & find herself again. She has long been an advocate of going solo and has now been travelling for over 30 years, across 6 continents & almost 80 countries, many alone. Sue is a certified Travel Coach & started her blog Sue Where Why What with the aim of helping build confidence for other women over 40 to do the same and embrace the transformative power of travel too.


Topic:  The Healing Power of Travel

 After tragically losing my husband of 18 years, I turned to my passion for travel to help me find who I was now I was alone again in my mid 40s. I believe in the power of travel to heal a broken heart and am passionate about sharing my journey in an effort to inspire others.


Connect with Sue @suewherewhywhat

Inez A. Chimhangariso

Travel Coach & Founder of It’s Deeper Than Travel


Speaking at 3:15pm EST


Inez is a traveler and travel coach with over 10 years of experience in the black travel industry. Her motto is “I’m Trippin” because to Inez, trippin’ is audacious, judgement-free exploration that challenges your comfort zone and unearths new facets of your being. In 2011 she founded It’s Deeper Than Travel, a travel company whose vision is to be a champion in the story of how Pan Africans experience each other globally. Inez has brought that vision to life by hosting events and group trips that combine personal growth, exploration, ancestral discovery, and adventure in the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, South America, and Africa. Now as a travel coach Inez is bridging the gap between knowing what to do and doing what needs to be done to take the trips you dream of specifically for black women who want to become the woman that takes the trip she wants even when life is life’n. Known as “International Inez”, she has visited 17 countries across 5 continents.


Topic: Who vs How - Mindset matters for every traveler

Many travel professionals focus on tips, tricks, and services to help their clients clearly see how they can take the trips they dream of however, there is a difference between knowing how to do something and doing what you know when life is life’n. The chasm between people who wish to take a trip and the ones that actually make it happen will not be closed by tips on how to travel but by revealing who they will need to become to travel.


Connect with Inez @Internationalinez


Erica Forrest

Travel Education Specialist


Speaking at 3:30pm EST


Erica Forrest is a Certified Travel Education Coach who helps curious people create more meaningful wanderings. As the founder of her travel education company, Trip Scholars, she blends over thirty years’ experience in education with the discoveries made through her own journeys. Her signature LEARN Through Travel Program highlights what travelers can do before, during, and after their trips to bring more meaning, connection, and understanding into their journeys-- and their lives. Erica is a best-selling author who has been a local NPR guest and published on over 55 travel sites. She has been featured in Buzzfeed, Apartment Therapy, and Authority Magazine


Topic: WorldSchooling & Travel Education

Travel is one of life’s greatest teachers! What makes learning through travel so powerful and how can we amplify it to cultivate deeper discovery about the world and ourselves? This session provides inspiring steps curious travelers can start taking today for better trips in the future. We will also look at travel education for families and how parents draw on it for weekend getaways, worldschooling adventures, and all trips in between.


Connect with Erica @tripscholars

Michelle Lo Piccolo

Travel Agent & Retreat Coordinator, Owner of The Mosaic Way Travel Co


Speaking at 3:45pm EST


Michelle Lo Piccolo is the owner of The Mosaic Way Travel Co, a travel agency that specializes in custom travel and retreat coordination. The mission of The Mosaic Way is to be an instrument of love in this world by helping people experience the transformative power of travel. She has always had a love for hosting and coordinating events, but fell in love with travel after studying abroad in Malta during her senior year of college. This experience led her to start her own business and help others create their own travel experiences. 


Topic: The Transformative Power of Retreats  & How to Incorporate Retreats into Your Business as an Income Stream

Michelle believes that travel can be a transformative experience that can bring healing, push someone out of their comfort zone and make them a better version of themselves. Retreats in particular have this powerful ability to help take individuals to the next level of personal development, whether that be on a physical, mental or spiritual level. Retreats are a very intentional time set a side to allow an individual to reflect and grow, which is why they can be such a powerful offering to incorporate in your business for your clients. A retreat could be a great additional revenue stream for any small business, and full of benefits. They have allowed me to connect with my clients on a more person level, grow a stronger community and truly help my clients.


Connect with Michelle @themosaicwaytravelco

Ciara Turner-Ewert

Media Travel Coach and Founder of Wellness Travel Diaries


Speaking at 4pm EST


Ciara is a travel and wellness writer, certified travel coach, and the creator behind Wellness Travel Diaries – an adventure travel blog dedicated to finding purposeful ways to travel the world. Ciara’s expertise has been featured in over 13 different media outlets such as USA Today, Fodor’s Travel, Health Digest, Travel Noire, Vacayou, and more. When she's not uncovering adventurous pursuits and off-the-beaten path destinations for publications, Ciara supports other entrepreneurs dreams of publishing their travel stories in the media.


Topic: Tips for pitching your story and business to your favorite publications, podcasts, and media outlets

Visibility is key to growing your business. If no one knows who you are or that your business exists, they can never buy from or work with you.  Media and publicity is a fun and effective way to grow your business, share your story, and get your business in front of your ideal clients. Ciara will be sharing her top tips for landing media wins that will help you grow your email list, social media following, blog views, and sales.


Connect with Ciara @wellnesstraveldiaries

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