Travel Coach Certification Program™ Curriculum


Module 1: Starting Your Travel Coaching Journey

    Setting Yourself Up for Success

    Creating Your Own Coaching Framework

    What to Focus on First and How to Stay on Track

    Setting Up an Automated System to Bring Ease and Flow

    Let's Get Technical. What Do I Actually Need?


Module 2: It's All About Mindset

    Getting into Your Coaching Mindset

    Free your Soul and Step into Your Highest Self


Module 3: Finding Your Travel Coaching Niche

    Finding Your Niche and Area of Expertise

       Establishing Who You Can Help

    Determining What Value to Provide


Module 4: Setting a Solid Foundation for Your

    Aligning your Vision with your Values

    What is your Coaching Mission and Vision

    Create Your Soul-Centered Travel Coach Bio


Module 5: Creating Your Authentic Travel Brand

    Create Your Travel Coach Brand Identity

    Focus your messaging and attracting your ideal clients

    Write your Travel Coach Brand Story

     Become the To-Go Travel Coach in your Niche

    Coaching with Confidence and Credibility


Module 6: Sculpting Your Business Structure

    TCP Mid Way Quiz

    Getting Organized and Creating a 90 Day Plan

    Turning your Coaching Skills into Products and Services


Module 7: How to Be a Travel Coach

    Travel Coaching 101

    Travel Coaching 101 Part 2

    One-on-One Travel Coaching Sessions

    Travel Coaching to a Group of Clients

    Coaching through the Travel Planning Process


Module 8: Implementing the Travel Coach Approach™

    Transformative Travel

    Intuitive Travel

    Human Connection

    Travel Storytelling

    The Benefits and Power of Travel

    Redefining Personalization


    Improving the Traveler's Mindset


Module 9: Spreading your Message and Scaling as a Travel Coach

    Expanding your Coaching Offers

     Networking and Building Meaningful Connections

    Making an Impact with your Travel Coaching Expertise through Media and Publicity


Travel Coach Certification Program 3-part Final Assessment