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- Raina, Wellness & Sustainability Travel Coach

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A community of wanderlust entrepreneurs


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Mindfulness & Travel Coach

I have realised that I do have the power and experience to teach others, guide others and inspire others to become the best version of themselves and travel inwards and outwards can be transforming for all of us. I have learned that I can make a living out of my passion and purpose and I have learned that asking the right questions pull out the right answers.


Lifestyle & Travel Coach and Content Manager

It’s awesome to be part of this community. We all feed off of each other!

Meet Sahara Rose!

I’m a travel and business coach to ambitious travelers.

Being by the ocean is in my Aquarius nature which is why after graduating with a degree in tourism, I was feeling anxious, confused, and unfulfilled.  Settling for just any job, climbing the corporate ladder, and doing what was expected after college never felt right for me. 

I wanted so much more out of the life. I wanted to explore, find myself, and be happy.

That’s when I decided to pack a backpack and set off on a decade-long adventure of traveling the globe to over 84 countries by the time that I was 30.  I struggled for years trying to figure out what career I wanted in the travel industry. I believed that my travel experiences and knowledge was more valuable and lucrative than just travel blogging and doing bookings. 

I wanted to make an even bigger impact on the lives of others through my passion for travel I believed in the healing power of travel and that we all travel for deeper reasons.

After becoming a Travel coach and a certified Transformational coach who focuses on the wellbeing benefits of travel both in and out of the corporate world and hosting travel coaching workshops around the world, I wanted to help other travelers pioneer their own path to having a travel-centric business that aligns with their authentic travel experiences and how they made an impact in the lives of others through travel.

As the creator of an international certification program for travel coaches, I spend my time coaching and mentoring passionate women travelers all around the globe through my programs, masterminds, and membership site.

I have been mentioned and featured for my travel and business expertise in numerous well-known publications and podcasts including Thrive Global, Forbes, Skift, Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Business Insider, and U.S News & World Report.

I can often be found lounging on a beach somewhere in the world or spending time with my adopted pup Sophie!

I can to help you put purpose to your wanderlust, live your dream lifestyle, and have the travel career that you envision but, it is in your hands to take action.

Ready for take off?

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Personal Freedom Coach

Sahara has helped me clarify my vision for that I wanted for my Travel coaching business, and keep me going when my motivation was flagging, with specific direction and guidance. I am thrilled to be part of her beautiful soul tribe and inspiring community, which she bought together at her Thrive through Travel event. It is a testament to the people that Sahara attracts. She has created a gorgeous energy, and a space where you can be vulnerable authentic. Since I started working with her, Sahara has consistently levelled up which has compelled me to level up. Thank you for being an amazing mentor Sahara!


Self-Love & Personal Development Travel Coach

Just wanted to take a minute to send you some love and thank you for creating the Travel Coach program! It has been a game changer for me! I know when I first enrolled and even when you and I had the 1 to 1 once I’d finished the course, I didn’t really have a clear vision and this was still something I wanted to do “later”. I’ve had a huge mindset shift and change and this is what I want to do NOW, and after our chat the mental shift happened and I feel much more focused, prepared, ready to do this and most impressively, I feel like I am worthy to do this work. Thank you for all of your support, you really are amazing and a great mentor! Sending positive vibes and gratitude your way today!

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Travel Coordinator & Marketing Coach

Honestly, I think having a structure and the prompts have been huge.  It gave all of us a space to support each other with a smaller group which makes it a little more intentional. And it bonds us in a way.


Travel & Lifestyle Coach & Educator

Wow! This group call content is making me happy.  As I narrowed down my course niche to aspiring solo travelers


Self-Love & Personal Development Travel Coach

Sahara has completely changed my mindset and allowed me to dream (and begin building) of a successful business focused on the service of others and helping women thrive in their own right


The Fearless Travel Coach & Founder of Bonvoyage Babes

If it wasn't for the Travel Coach Network, I never would have met Sierra, my now business partner for a passion project we've been working tirelessly on. Sahara's platform brings people together from all over the world and shows you that connection and collaborations are possible, no matter where you are! She hosts online events, is very active on social media, and helps make the world feel just a little bit smaller. Without her and the TCN, my project never would have come to fruition! So thank you Sahara!