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There's more to a travel career than blogging and bookings

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Yes, Travel Coaching is a thing!

but, the TCN is for more than just travel coaches.

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Has travel impacted your life in a healing, powerful, or transformative way?

Use that experience to help others have their own awakenings, transformations, or lifestyle that they want and need through travel.

What is a Certified Travel Coach™?

Travel Coaching is about helping people set specific intentions for their trip.  It’s about the emotional, spiritual, mental wellbeing, and transformative needs that drive our desire to travel in the first place.  Every time that we choose to go on a trip, it’s for a different reason. Travel Coaches are the experts who guide you through the entire travel experience from pre-planning to post-trip and beyond.  Travel Coaches exercise their coaching skills to help you get to the root for your desired trip so that you can have the outcomes, transformation, life changes, and feelings that motivated you to hit that search flights button in the first place.

Travel coaches are not travel agents. 

Instead, travel coaches focus on helping people find their "why for travel and how to travel with intent.  Travel coaches help to put the power back into the hands of the traveler through empowerment, mindset work, guidance, support, in-depth coaching, desired results, strategic planning, intuitive travel, education, and transformation.   Every travel coach is different because as travelers, we all have unique experiences, knowledge, skills, passions, interests, followers, and areas of expertise.

With that said, travel agents can use the Travel Coach Approach™ to enhance their business, marketing, and client experience.

What kind of travel coach are you?

Which One Do You Choose?

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Work with Sahara Rose



Hi, I’m Sahara Rose!

I’m a travel and business coach to ambitious travelers.

Being by the ocean is in my Aquarius nature which is why after graduating with a degree in tourism, I was feeling anxious, confused, and unfulfilled.  Settling for just any job, climbing the corporate ladder, and doing what was expected after college never felt right for me. 

I wanted so much more out of the life. I wanted to explore, find myself, and be happy.

That’s when I decided to pack a backpack and set off on a decade-long adventure of traveling the globe to over 84 countries by the time that I was 30.  I struggled for years trying to figure out what career I wanted in the travel industry. I believed that my travel experiences and knowledge was more valuable and lucrative than just travel blogging and doing bookings. 

I wanted to make an even bigger impact on the lives of others through my passion for travel I believed in the healing power of travel and that we all travel for deeper reasons.

After becoming a Travel coach and a certified Transformational coach who focuses on the wellbeing benefits of travel both in and out of the corporate world and hosting travel coaching workshops around the world, I wanted to help other travelers pioneer their own path to having a travel-centric business that aligns with their authentic travel experiences and how they made an impact in the lives of others through travel.

As the creator of an international certification program for travel coaches, I spend my time coaching and mentoring passionate women travelers all around the globe through my programs, masterminds, and membership site.

I have been mentioned and featured for my travel and business expertise in numerous well-known publications and podcasts including Thrive Global, Forbes, Skift, Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Business Insider, and U.S News & World Report.

I can often be found lounging on a beach somewhere in the world or spending time with my adopted pup Sophie!

I can to help you put purpose to your wanderlust, live your dream lifestyle, and have the travel career that you envision but, it is in your hands to take action.

Ready for take off?

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Are you ready to finally put purpose to your wanderlust, use your travel experiences to make an impact, and jumpstart your journey as a travel coach?

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"Ever since I've been a little girl, I came into contact with travel and my passion for it just keeps growing and growing. Through all this travel - more specifically, through my solo travel experiences - I've experienced a shift in my mindset and an awakening of my spirituality. I've come to understand I'm far from being the only one "

Travel Coach

I Believe that...

You can literally do anything and everything that you want in life

There is far more to a career in travel than what already exists or what everyone else is doing

You can have the mental, spiritual, financial freedom that sets your soul on fire

Being the decision-maker for your own life, schedule, location, and routine is an amazing feeling that everyone can have if they want

We all that unique travel experiences, stories, and knowledge that makes us all different

Doing something that is truly authentic to yourself is the best way to live and do business

Become an Internationally Certified Travel Coach™

What is your Wish?

When I was in Peru, I hiked to the top of Amantani island to a place called Pachamama, also known as Mother Earth. There, I picked up 3 stones and walked around a ruins 3 times making 3 separate wishes, a popular ritual for those who visit the island top. If you could make 3 wishes would they look similar to…

  • Not having to work for an already-establish travel company or job that doesn’t fully align with their vision or their goals?
  • Never giving into other’s expectations and getting a “real job” or going back to their 9-5?
  • Finally putting all of the pieces of their travel business vision together with ease, clarity, and help?

"I learned a lot about travel but even more about business it’s helped me also manage my husband’s wood working business and advertise."

TCN Founding Member

"Sahara Rose has been absolutely amazing to work with. She’s not only articulate, she extremely talented and incredibly generous. She’s been willing to go out of her way to make so many things work better for me. She’s incredible at marketing and promoting products by helping folks understand the intricacies of what that looks like and how to break that down. Before I started working with her I was very confused on those details on how to flush them out. She has such a passion for her work and has obviously really honed in on what actually does work and is willing to teach and share that knowledge in an exceptional way. So is so passionate about what she does and everything is done so well. I love her entrepreneurial spirit and her willingness to go the extra mile for you. I love her absolute commitment to excellence and her willingness to actually reach the deepest part of your needs and meet them exceptionally for whatever your goals are. Whether that is promoting products, improve your marketing, or create an incredible travel business, she will be the ultimate person to get on board to support you in that journey. I love her work and admire her persistence and dedication to what she does and I know that you would absolutely love working with her. To all who may be looking to create something magical or extraordinary, or truly a master piece which would be a better word because Sahara Rose creates masterpieces. "


"Before working with Sahara, I knew I wanted to use my experience traveling for more than my work as a writer. Sahara showed me through her ease, generosity, and expertise that my experiences and story (we all have one!) have the power to help people change, specifically change their lives through travel. I was confused about where to start with my story but Sahara helped me focus on specific areas while sharing pieces of her own story with me which is admirable and telling about the kind of leader she is. She has the ability to make you feel like you are not alone especially as a woman in business. I am so appreciative of Sahara, and I'm so excited to continue to work with her! "

Traveler and Writer

"Sahara has helped me create a framework and structure to better communicate my message as a travel coach. I have gained insight and ideas of how to expand my services within the travel market. It was reassuring to know that I am on the right path and that I have Sahara's support."

Travel Coach

"Sahara Rose is one of the kindest, most amazing, and caring individuals I know. She is patient and eager to help you to move forward with your life. She is well spoken and has done her research. I met Sahara Rose when I she came on to my YouTube talk show and I was immediately enamored with her courage and bravery. She is someone you must have a conversation with because of how incredible she is!"

Mindset Enthusiast and Coach

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