My favorite module in the TCCP was Module 1 Starting Your Travel Coaching Journey. It provided in detail the steps to take in order to set the foundation for a successful coaching program. I had spent a great deal of time prior to this course in the dreaming phase so this was crucial in putting my dreams into action. I gained clarity around what type of course to create, how to structure these courses and what tools I needed to ensure a smooth operation of the business.

- Malain, Solo & Budget Travel Coach

I really enjoyed the module on “Expanding Your Coaching Offerings” as it gave great ideas about the various services and products I can offer to my clients. It made me realize the sky is the limit on what I can provide or create. The thought of coaching 1-1 is a little scary. This module made me realize if that is not what I want to do, I don’t need to do that. With my love of planning, organizing and wellness, perhaps planning retreats is an option. I live close to the beauty of Niagara Falls and wine country. What better place to organize and host wellness retreats for my niche audience!

-Courtney, Wellness Travel Agent and Coach


I loved how the module “Coaching with Confidence and Credibility” really made me think back and give myself credit for all I have done in my life and how it can relate to where I want to go. It is scary to try something new, but this module helped me realize I have great skills, experience, education and the right personality to be a travel coach. I am unique and can bring a certain flavor to my niche or audience which no one else can. Even though the travel industry seems to be saturated, and there are so many health, wellness and life coaches out there, I can be different and I can still build the business of my dreams.

-Courtney, Wellness Travel Agent and Coach


The program is helping me with putting a framework around my thinking. On the one hand helping me with defining who I want to be in business, on the other hand helping me further think about what I actually want to offer and what the niche needs. Sahara is always very available and provides insightful feedback - which is invaluable.

– Rosanna, Certified Travel Coach


The program really helped me learn the benefits of travel and how to help others learn about those benefits. It also helped me narrow down my niche, learn what to focus on first when starting a travel-focused business, and how my travel experiences can help me as I grow and advertise my business.

-Courtney, Wellness Travel Agent and Coach


The TCN community has introduced me to so many wonderful and helpful like-minded people. I am able to reach out to the community for help and get ideas, tips, and tricks. It has also introduced me to other travel-focused professionals for marketing assistance, potential partnerships, and travel expert contacts from all around the world.

-Courtney, Wellness Travel Agent and Coach


Working with Sahara has given me the motivation and courage to follow my dreams. She continues to provide useful and helpful information in many areas and facets of travel, resources, and ideas on how to move forward with my business.  Her speedy replies and assistance is greatly appreciated! 

-Courtney, Wellness Travel Agent and Coach


This program gave me a great deal of self confidence. It sharpened my strategic approach (because we can’t forget that it is a business and has to be treated with the same respect as any other business if I want to succeed and one day scale!) and it gave me a ton of tools and ideas. I underwent a 360 change and I cannot be more thankful!

-Muna, Mindset & Intuition Travel Coach


I learned how to be a travel coach and gained clarity on how to choose services/products that align with my vision, and the vision of my business. For instance, what brings me joy in creating, and how do my clients need me to show up, understanding the overlap.

-Ciara, Wellness & Adventure Travel Coach