Exclusive Blueprint to Getting Started as a Travel Coach

Behind-the-scenes trainings from the Travel Coach Certification Program revealed

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Why you need this course


The travel industry has changed, for the better. The old-school way of choosing your niche, getting clients, and marketing your travel business is no longer going to work.

The same goes with choosing what type of travel business you want to have. 

For decades, the travel industry put travel careers into a box, limiting what you could do with your passion for travel and who you can help.  Well, that too has changed.

People have always turned to travel for healing, personal, and work purposes but there is a new sense of value placed upon travel for our personal and professional life.

People are seeking transformative and wellness experiences that help them heal, feel, and deal. 

If you aren't ready to enroll in the Travel Coach Certification Program but you are ready to get started on your Travel Coaching journey, this course is for you.

I have compiled some of the best and most useful trainings from the Travel Coach Certification Program and other sources and have made them available to you in this course.

This course enables you to get started in your travel coaching business on your own.

The trainings, workbook, and travel business planner will make your start to your business clearer and easier.

*IMPORTANT: This is NOT the Travel Coach Certification Program. This is a separate course that provides trainings and resources that is provided in the TCCP program. No ICF hours are earned through this course.

This Course is for you if...


  • You want to get started with building a Travel Coaching business
  • Aren't ready to enroll in the Travel Coach Certification Program
  • Want to tools to simply begin your business journey
  • Need business guidance and insight
  • Need coaching guidance and insight
  • Want a taste of what Travel Coaching is all about
  • Want exclusive access to trainings that are only otherwise offered in the Travel Coach Certification Program
  • Want a robust overview of what to do and not to do when getting started with your business
  • Want inspiration and ideas for the direction to take your business in
  • and more!




Module 1: Building a Solid Foundation for your Travel Coaching Business

Lessons include:

Getting Started and What to Focus on (and what not to focus on)

Finding your Niche in Today's Travel Industry

Crafting your Core Message and Why it's Important

Spreading your Message as a Travel Coach

What Setting a Solid Foundation Consists of

Writing your Brand Story (and why you need one)

4 Steps to Get Out of your Business Block




Module 2: Being a Travel Coach and a Business Owner

Lessons Include:

What to Help People with as a Travel Coach

Building your Confidence as a Travel Coach

Adding an Emotional Touch to Working with your Clients

Stepping into your Expert Role and Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Providing Transformative Travel Experiences


Module 3: Marketing Strategies for your Travel Coaching Business

Lessons Include:

Getting Visible and Gaining Exposure

Creating a Lead Magnet or "Freebie"

Mastering your Marketing

Creating a Better Marketing Strategy

Spreading your Message through Media and Publicity

Building your Social Media Presence

Module 4: Revenue Streams and Pricing

Lessons Include:

Choosing your Revenue Streams (how to make money as a Travel Coach)

Creating, Pricing, and Selling your Offers

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Meet your Instructor


Hi, I’m Sahara Rose!


I’m a travel and business coach to ambitious women travelers

Being by the ocean is in my Aquarius nature which is why after graduating with a degree in tourism, I was feeling anxious, confused, and unfulfilled.  Settling for just any job, climbing the corporate ladder, and doing what was expected after college never felt right for me. 

I wanted so much more out of the life. I wanted to explore, find myself, and be happy.

That’s when I decided to pack a backpack and set off on a decade-long adventure of traveling the globe to over 84 countries by the time that I was 30.  I struggled for years trying to figure out what career I wanted in the travel industry. I believed that my travel experiences and knowledge was more valuable and lucrative than just travel blogging and doing bookings. 

I wanted to make an even bigger impact on the lives of others through my passion for travel I believed in the healing power of travel and that we all travel for deeper reasons.

After becoming a Travel coach and a certified Transformational coach who focuses on the wellbeing benefits of travel both in and out of the corporate world and hosting travel coaching workshops around the world, I wanted to help other travelers pioneer their own path to having a travel-centric business that aligns with their authentic travel experiences and how they made an impact in the lives of others through travel.

As the creator of the world's first and only ICF accredited program, I have coached and trained hundreds of travel coaches around the world. I spend my time coaching and mentoring passionate women and men travelers all around the globe through my programs, masterminds, and membership site.

I am a published author of my travel coaching, mindset, and budget book called "Hey You, Just Go!", I am a global speaker, and a TEDx Speaker.

I have been mentioned and featured for my travel and business expertise in numerous well-known publications and podcasts including Thrive Global, Forbes, Conde Nast Traveler, USA Today, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Fodor's Travel, TripAdvisor, and others.

My members of the Travel Coach Network and I have been featured in CNN Travel and I was also chosen as one of 2023's Most Influential Women in Travel by TravelPulse

I can to help you put purpose to your wanderlust, live your dream lifestyle, and have the travel career that you envision but, it is in your hands to take action.

Ready for take off?

Learn more about Sahara Rose here


Travel Experience Coach

"My passion to travel and the need to follow my life purpose brought me direct to Sahara and her Travel Coach Network. After hours reading about her life, her program, and what she stands for I had no doubt this was what I was looking for! " 



Travel Writer and Founder of MEscape

"It has been such a support to have Sahara there to make me think about my own story and how my unique voice can pave the way toward my future as a travel coach. To be honest, I didn’t think my backstory was worthy. But then something clicked when I tuned in to one of her Facebook Live sessions. From that moment everything started to fall into place with my concept. Sahara walks her talk and goes that extra mile. Her constant words of encouragement to show up and get out there even when things are not perfect are what puts her into a special class of mentors"


Member of the TCN

"It’s awesome to be part of this community. We all feed off of each other!"





Travel Coach

“Sahara has helped me create a framework and structure to better communicate my message as a travel coach. I have gained insight and ideas of how to expand my services within the travel market. It was reassuring to know that I am on the right path and that I have Sahara's support” 



Traveler & Writer

"Before working with Sahara, I knew I wanted to use my experience traveling for more than my work as a writer. Sahara showed me through her ease, generosity, and expertise that my experiences and story (we all have one!) have the power to help people change, specifically change their lives through travel. I was confused about where to start with my story but Sahara helped me focus on specific areas while sharing pieces of her own story with me which is admirable and telling about the kind of leader she is. She has the ability to make you feel like you are not alone especially as a woman in business. I am so appreciative of Sahara, and I'm so excited to continue to work with her!"


Mindfulness & Travel Coach

"Ever since I've been a little girl, I came into contact with travel and my passion for it just keeps growing and growing. Through all this travel - more specifically, through my solo travel experiences - I've experienced a shift in my mindset and an awakening of my spirituality. I've come to understand I'm far from being the only one "


Travel Coordinator & Marketing Coach

“Sahara Rose took me on that same path, and now I feel like my business is starting to take off. Just booked my first major client this week!” 


"Sahara Rose has been absolutely amazing to work with. She’s not only articulate, she extremely talented and incredibly generous. She’s been willing to go out of her way to make so many things work better for me.  She’s incredible at marketing and promoting products by helping folks understand the intricacies of what that looks like and how to break that down.  Before I started working with her I was very confused on those details on how to flush them out.  She has such a passion for her work and has obviously really honed in on what actually does work  and is willing to teach and share that knowledge in an exceptional way."


Mindset Enthusiast and Coach

"Sahara Rose is one of the kindest, most amazing, and caring individuals I know. She is patient and eager to help you to move forward with your life"


Travel Coordinator & Marketing Coach

“Sahara Rose took me on that same path, and now I feel like my business is starting to take off. Just booked my first major client this week!” 



“Just realized my 1 year anniversary for quitting my job and jumping into the travel coaching full time is coming up! I wouldn’t be where I am today without Sahara Rose! Thank you for believing in me, being patient, and for giving me so much needed guidance” 



Travel Experience Coach

"The key transformation came in place giving me directions, guidance and instructions on how to organize all the thousands ideas I had"


Personal Freedom Coach

"Sahara has helped me clarify my vision for that I wanted for my Travel coaching business, and keep me going when my motivation was flagging, with specific direction and guidance. I am thrilled to be part of her beautiful soul tribe and inspiring community, which she bought together at her Thrive through Travel event. It is a testament to the people that Sahara attracts. She has created a gorgeous energy, and a space where you can be vulnerable authentic. Since I started working with her, Sahara has consistently levelled up which has compelled me to level up. Thank you for being an amazing mentor Sahara!"


Solo Female Travel Coach

"I learned some great tools for becoming the go-to in my travel niche"