The Travel Entrepreneur Fast Track

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Why the Fast Track?


This is a more condensed course that boosts you onto the fast track of your travel entrepreneur journey.

Whether you are a travel agent, a blogger, a travel coach, a freelancer, or have any travel-related business (or want to make it travel-related), this is the course that will help you put all of the moving pieces together that are needed for your brand, revenue streams, and awareness. 

I teach you everything from how to get exposure in media and publicity to creating a moldable framework which brings clarity and can be applied to all areas of your business including content, products, media opportunities, collabs, travel industry clients, speaking gigs, video, and more.




Recorded Modules


Written Modules









Establish a Solid Foundation for What You Do

Tap into your personal travel story

identify your own authentic niche

attract and partner with ideal clients

stand out among competition

create your core values & clarify your message

Design your brand in the travel space

where to focus your money and energy

Turn your Ideas into a Moldable Framework

Turn your experiences, skills, & passion into a niche that resonates with you, even if no one is doing it yet

use it to land your dream job

use it to start and grow your own business

Establish Revenue Streams that Excite You

Apply your framework to land ideal paying gigs

Create passive income streams

Choose revenue streams that you actually enjoy

Step into your Expertise and Own it

Learn how to relate, inspire, educate, & guide

Master your confidence & money mindset

Establish your authority

Show up in an authentic way

Scale and Make a Lasting Impact

Think big and go big!

Create strategic action plans

Grow and scale your audience and partnerships

Media and Publicity

Create a media bio

Know who to pitch to & why

Focus your mission & brand story

Structure a proper pitch

Nurture relationships & networking

Write catchy headlines

The different types of pitches

Establish your credibility even if you feel like you have nothing to share

Use media & publicity to grow your business

Bonus Week #1

Learn how to pitch your business concept for collaborations & partnerships.

Pitching yourself can be scary! In this bonus module, learn how to sculpt a pitch that will land you the type of partnerships and collaborations that will fill your heart with excitement and your business with success!

Bonus Week #2

Learn how to show up in a way that builds a following and brings in business offers. Know what platforms are best to spend your time on and how to show face at networking and business events like summits, conferences, masterminds, and more.

The Travel Entrepreneur Fast Track

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The Fast Track would be a good fit for you if....

You already have the beginning phase of your travel business down but you need to inspiration and information on what to do next

You want to learn how to scale, market, and grow your business

You want something quick and easy

You want to use your love and knowledge of travel to stand out among competitors in your field, whether that is VA work, blogging, social media services, hospitality jobs, etc.

You can turn any career into one that aligns with your passion for travel

Enroll in the Travel Entrepreneur Fast Track to fill your voids with excitement while turning your ideas into a plan of action

Meet the Instructor


Hi, I’m Sahara Rose!


I’m a travel and business coach to ambitious women travelers

Being by the ocean is in my Aquarius nature which is why after graduating with a degree in tourism, I was feeling anxious, confused, and unfulfilled.  Settling for just any job, climbing the corporate ladder, and doing what was expected after college never felt right for me. 

I wanted so much more out of the life. I wanted to explore, find myself, and be happy.

That’s when I decided to pack a backpack and set off on a decade-long adventure of traveling the globe to over 84 countries by the time that I was 30.  I struggled for years trying to figure out what career I wanted in the travel industry. I believed that my travel experiences and knowledge was more valuable and lucrative than just travel blogging and doing bookings. 

I wanted to make an even bigger impact on the lives of others through my passion for travel I believed in the healing power of travel and that we all travel for deeper reasons.

After becoming a Travel coach and a certified Transformational coach who focuses on the wellbeing benefits of travel both in and out of the corporate world and hosting travel coaching workshops around the world, I wanted to help other travelers pioneer their own path to having a travel-centric business that aligns with their authentic travel experiences and how they made an impact in the lives of others through travel.

As the creator of the very first program for travel coaches, I spend my time coaching and mentoring passionate women travelers all around the globe through my programs, masterminds, and membership site.

I have been mentioned and featured for my travel and business expertise in numerous well-known publications and podcasts including Thrive Global, Forbes, Skift, Yahoo! Finance, USA Today, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Business Insider, and U.S News & World Report.

I can to help you put purpose to your wanderlust, live your dream lifestyle, and have the travel career that you envision but, it is in your hands to take action.

Ready for take off?

Learn more about Sahara Rose here




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